Leonardo Waterproofing


Project Duration

1100 SQM



Project Value


Leonardo Hotel is located in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa with Consultancy firm CO-ARK and Main Client as Legacy Hotels & Resorts with Grinaker-Aveng headed up this project with GAST as the waterproofing supplier & installer.

"This was an exciting project to be involved with, where technical challenges related to confined spaces and subterranean workfases were evident. GAST was however easily able to overcome these challenges using it's years of experience."

GAST was appointed to design, supply and install a low risk impervious membrane solution to subterranean attenuation tanks. This system did not only have to be effective against positive water pressures but also be able to withstand negative water pressures in various areas.

GAST’s Reservoir Seal 101 is a specialised cementitous waterproofing system that does not only render the surface impervious but also allows for water vapor permeability. The product becomes an integral part of the substrate and prevents the migration of water between the substrate and it’s finishes therefore minimizing the risk of concrete carbonation.

As a high profile project the Leonardo could not afford any failures or quality lapses, GAST was requested to provide only the best design and waterproofing solution to ensure longevity.

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