Elikhulu Geosynthetics

Elikhulu Geosynthetics


Project Duration

2400000 SQM



Project Value

Mpumalanga, South Africa

FRASER ALEXANDER Elikhulu TSF & RWD is located in Evander, Mpumalanga, South Africa with Engineering firm SRK and Main Client as Pan African Resources with DRA headed up this project with GAST as the supplier & installer of all Geosynthetic related elements.

"Due to extreme weather & high winds exceeding 180 km/h, GAST had to develop new & innovative deployment methods and geosynthetic welding solutions."

GAST was appointed to supply and install over 2.2 million square meters of various types of HDPE liners.
Despite challenging conditions involving winds up to 180 km/h, heavy rains and even more difficult substrate conditions, GAST managed to perform their duties beyond the project requirements and expectations.

GAST worked in conjunction on a daily basis with both the Main Contractor & Employer mitigating severe weather risks and project programming challenges.

As the Mine was active during installation, constant tailings were being deposited impacting directly on deployment and installation methodologies forcing GAST to adapt and innovate daily on programming and execution.

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