Graduate Programs

The GAST Graduate Program (GGP) assists in aiding and developing the ever developing youth of today to reach their fullest potential in each area of interest.

The 12 month program provides graduates with a unique opportunity to develop and fine tune there acquired skills within a working environment exposing them to all avenues of the work and requirements of their career paths.

Be a citizen or permanent resident in the country of application. Have no more than two years full time work experience since graduating. Be prepared to work in any area of the country. Participation in company procedures and willingness to develop within the organization will also be taken into consideration along with a fine tuned testing system for relevant candidates.

There will be a coordinated and designated individual assigned to the graduate who will aid and assist these individuals with the relevant skills and qualifications to be able to ensure that all questions and areas of uncertainty are clearly identified and eliminated.

You shall be offered a fixed term remuneration for the period of service at GAST with any additional benefits specific to the position that you shall hold.

After Completing graduate program:
After doing a full assessment and evaluation of the candidate and his ability and strengths within the organization should there be vacancies or an area whereby we would be able to designate you to we would then offer employment if not we would then forward all of your details and references to a recruitment agency to assist you in finding alternative work in your field of specifications.

What is the process for Application?
Please apply online through our interactive Careers portal at GAST CAREERS. Your application & CV will be reviewed whereby you will be requested to attend an interview with multiple industry related tests.

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