Go Clean, Go Green, Go GAST

According to the World Health Association, there has been an increase in water pollution, oil spills, and greenhouse gas pollution over the past few years. The current standing on air pollution is staggering, with 90% of the world population breathing polluted air. This also refers back to one’s carbon footprint – the number of greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere/environment by a specific human activity.

A green building is defined as a building that reduces or eliminates negative impacts and, in certain cases, can even create a positive impact on our climate and environment. This reduction and elimination process is done by utilising several features in a building’s design, construction, or overall operation. The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) believes that these buildings can preserve natural resources and improve our quality of life. GBCSA forms part of the 75 members of the World Green Building Council. This council works tirelessly to help industry bodies, leaders, government departments, and professionals to develop the green building solutions needed to transform the South African property and building industry.

With the worldwide rapid decrease in natural environments and habitats, it is more important than ever to be aware of your carbon footprint. The latest Living Planet Report from the WWF showed a 60% decline in the population of all species since 1970. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) 2050 vision is that “biodiversity is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used, maintaining ecosystem services, sustaining a healthy planet and delivering benefits essential for all people”. Reducing your carbon footprint is an easy way to help restore our environments, not to what it once was, but to what it can be.

At GAST we value our natural resources and environment. Our head office is situated on a small-holding surrounded by vibrant trees. We pride ourselves on open, natural air filled offices with natural light making up most of our lighting structures. Our products are eco-friendly, biodegradable, and efficiently installed to minimize maintenance actions. With our water filtration and purification system, as part of our Clearwater Technologies, we can purify and recycle almost any water source and make for human consumption. Cool roof systems, such as Eco RoofSeal reflect sunlight away from the building, reducing the urban heat island effect and can reduce the amount of Air-conditioning and insulation required in warm climates. Water recycling combined with water harvesting can effectively “create closed-loop systems” for several types of buildings, taking them off the municipal infrastructure system. These can be used together with green roofs/rooftop farms/gardens. Our water-based cold applied products limit the release of VOCs into the environment.

Going Green does not need to be an expensive process. According to the GBCSA, you can help your business become part of the green building movement by:

  • The efficient use of natural resources and renewable energy.
  • Reduce, re-use, or recycle waste.
  • The use of Eco-friendly materials.
  • Quality air in your indoor environment.
  • Being considerate of the environment and one’s employees and clients when it comes to the design, construction, and operation of your building.
  • The ability to adapt to environmental change.

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