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In the early 1980’s GAST patented the first dam lining which at the time relied on a technology GAST had perfected, which made the “plasticisation“ of soil possible for the first time in the world. In 1983 Dr Kevin Gast became CEO of GAST and was largely responsible for expanding GAST to be a multifaceted international entity encompassing various fields.

In 2006 Mr Kevin Gast was appointed CEO, with his various executive entrepreneurial experiences he has led GAST to be the modern organisation you have come to know. GAST is a truly international entity operating in over 28 countries worldwide with over 3 generations of family members still involved in the day to day running of the business.

We provide unique, specialized products and services in the following industries: construction, civil engineering, geosynthetics, waterproofing and consulting. One of the main things we at GAST value are open relationships with our clients and employees. GAST’s employees form the backbone of the company.

With a very diverse directory, we have the ability to accommodate different cultural backgrounds and experiences. We strive to make the office a safe space of caring and developmental opportunities. One of our core values are that of family. We see our company as one big family, functioning as a well-oiled machine with the same goal in mind – growth, both professional and personal.

Just as important as our employees, so are our clients. We believe in building caring and lasting business relationships that can stand the test of time. At GAST we only use selected raw materials as well as state of the art equipment to ensure that we only deliver the best quality products and services to our clients. Our highly skilled site managers with their experienced teams are always ready to assist our client’s needs. With our dynamic sales personnel we are only a phone call away for any enquiries. And should you prefer an interactive online option, Peter Bot is at your service 24/7.

With various products being eco-friendly and our services striving to be environmentally friendly we believe in not just caring about the results, but the entire process.

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