GAST prides itself on having a proactive approach to ethics and compliance with laws and regulations. Through monitoring evolving risks and benchmarking best practices, we continually improve and enhance our ethics and compliance program. Our leadership continuously expresses the critical importance that ethical conduct and anti-corruption plays for the success of every employee and business partner, the growth of our company and the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Through this, GAST has developed a strong foundation of ethics which consists of these key elements:

  1. Written standards of ethical workplace conduct
  2. Training on the standards.
  3. Company resources that provide advice about ethics and compliance issues.
  4. A means to report potential violations confidentially or anonymously.
  5. Performance evaluations of ethical conduct.
  6. Systems to discipline violators

We believe in supporting and protecting the health, safety, welfare, security, and dignity of each worker on our projects. Ethical recruitment and employment practices, safe work practices, as well as safe and healthy living and working conditions are critical elements of delivering our work.

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