Geosynthetics: The Key To Sustainability

Produce, consume, discard and repeat. This has been our pattern as humans since the dawn of evolution. We have become more sophisticated in what we produce and how we consume it. But the discarding, fundamentally, remains unchanged with tons of waste often ending up in landfills or water sources. Whether it is in dams, mines or landfills; without the proper measures and tools in place, our actions risk contaminating the planet.

As Africa’s oldest and largest geosynthetic installer, GAST understands how effective and efficient having the correct geosynthetics service provider can be. This has been GAST’s niche since 1961 where the company has constantly installed an array of quality geosynthetics to meet the requirements of varying terrains and project needs.

GAST not only supplies but installs numerous geosynthetic products from geomembranes which have the primary function of preventing the migration of contaminated leachate to surrounding soil in landfills, tailing storage facilities, coal stockyards, pollution control dams and/or return water dams; to geotextiles which play an integral part in various construction and civil applications due to its versatility and robustness including an array of other geosynthetic related products and services.

GAST has always been synonymous with innovation and progressive methods, stemming back to the 1980s when the company patented the first “dam” linings, perfected through GAST’s ingenuity, which made the “plasticisation“ of soil possible for the first time in the world.

GAST is always adapting to the changing landscape, innovating not only to meet the needs of the industry but to consistently deliver quality products and services to its clients. It is believed that the Geosynthetic industry is experiencing a 4IR boom with entities globally adapting sophisticated equipment and tools to push innovation and improve quality. GAST is seen as a leader and pioneer in its 4IR endeavours currently developing fully automated deployment machines that utilise state of the art Artificial Intelligence and other deep learning A.I technologies to provide a more cost-effective and higher quality service to its clients.

Mr Kevin Gast CEO & President of GAST Global stated that “Globally we have seen a tremendous shift in geosynthetics over the last two years and COVID-19 has exacerbated the need for more innovative and cost-effective solutions forcing geosynthetic installers and manufactures to find 4IR driven technologies. GAST has recently appointed a new Chief Technology Officer and is at the forefront of autonomy and artificial intelligence within the industry, our clients come first and utilising technology provides them with a cheaper, higher quality and safer product.”

GAST has completed over 13,000 projects during the last millennium and boasts accreditation from the United Nations and World Bank and is seen as a world leader in geosynthetics.

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