5 Most Probable Signs That You Need A New Waterproofing System

Water damage presents a great danger to the quality and structure of your building. Hence, why a good waterproofing system is needed to protect your roof structure, walls, ceilings and electrical wiring from the damaging effects of water leaks and moisture. What do you do on the off chance that you aren’t sure whether your home or office building is at risk? Here are the 5 most probable signs it’s time to redo your building’s waterproofing.

  1. There is a leak

Well we all could have guessed this one, but it’s knowing where to search for the leaks that are not necessarily dripping directly on your head. Start in rooms where water is probably going to accumulate such as bathrooms, kitchens and basement parking’s. Some of the key spots to look out for are the corners of the walls, roof and floor. In addition to checking the places that you don’t constantly see, such as around your foundation and behind appliances.

Man at home dealing with neighbor flood leak
  1. Evidence of Mold or Moldy smell

Unfortunately for most homeowners, office or warehouse managers, it doesn’t take much for mold to grow within the building. Once it happens, it can start to spread quickly. Mold grows in wet environments from moisture, humidity or water leaks which is therefore a good indication of water damage. If you see evidence of mold or start to smell a musty smell, contact a professional to conduct a roof and building survey.

Mould on wall
  1. It’s past your 3-year Maintenance check up

For commercial buildings and homes, it’s important to undertake maintenance on your roof every 3 years. This is key because your waterproofing membranes can start to deteriorate, especially if they weren’t professionally installed. Along with conducting a roof survey at least once a year to clean out leaves and debris which tend to clog and block outlets leading to puddles of water on your roof.

  1. Concrete that is bubbling or blistering

Blisters found on concrete are normally hollow, low-profile bumps that sit on the concrete surface. When concrete is poured, a contractor normally uses a layer of mortar which covers an underlying void that moves around the surface during towelling. Blisters may form on that surface when either bubbles of air or bleed water become trapped. This can make your concrete start to blister or appear stained and discoloured, which can ultimately be water leaking from somewhere trying to escape. Therefore, to prevent any further damage, contact a professional to investigate further.

Blistering concrete wall
  1. A higher utility bill

Although not the most direct tell-tale sign, a higher utility bill due to heating or cooling costs can be an indication that the building is losing energy due to damaged or poor waterproofing insulation. Waterproofing is part of moisture control in a building which protects the building from water and moisture as well as providing insulation and reflection of the sun’s rays during the hotter seasons. If you start to see an unusual climb in your utility bill, it’s worth getting a professional to survey your roof and building for any discrepancies.

Woman paying utility bill

With any of these signs that it’s time for a new waterproofing system, it is best to contact a professional company. With qualified individuals and specialized equipment’s for these types of scenario’s, they will be able to investigate each area and provide the best option for you.

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